Wow, what fabulous performances by our Year 3 and Year 4 children of the hilarious pre-historic musical, ‘Rock Bottom’ by Craig Hawes. The acting, singing and choreography was spectacular! Fred Flintstone would have been proud!

I’m sure you’ll agree the children did a fantastic job of transporting the audience back to the dawn of time when a stone age family, ‘The Cobblestones’ lived amongst dinosaurs on the loose and a volatile volcano. The part of Bobby Cobblestone, the cave boy inventor, was played with great comic timing by Alice. She faced the wicked Lady Lava, played brilliantly by Sophie. There were laughs aplenty as we met Bobby’s family, the Growlers, Wild Willie, the Mini-miners and the Eggheads; and who could forget our 3 Amoebas (oops Amigos) – no-Juan! The Timekeepers kept the show running at a fast pace with humour and song.

The children loved having to the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and it has done wonders in building their confidence, persistence and resilience, as well as developing their sense of humour!

Thank you, Mr Avery, and to all of the staff involved for all of your hard work in producing yet another jaw dropping show. Thank you to parents for assisting with costumes, but special mention should be made of our hard working costume department; there were a serious number of spots to be cut out and added to costumes!

Congratulations and thanks also goes to Romanie, Noah, Skye, Ella and Hyla for producing some fabulous artwork for the front covers of the programmes.

Well done Year 3 and 4 for all of your hard work and dedication – you rock!

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