Despite the wet weather our Year 5s had an amazing time at Hampton Court, home of Henry VIII yesterday. The children were transported back to the heyday of Tudor feasting and entertainment in Henry VIII’s kitchens, bravely walked a corridor said to be haunted by Catherine Howard and learned many interesting facts about the historic Royal Palace. They also took part in an interactive workshop led by their tour guide, who succeeded in bringing Tudor History to life. Our pupils wrote lots of lovely feedback about their trip in their lesson today including:

“We saw many interesting things at Hampton Court including the kitchen, the Great Hall and the haunted hallway. I loved doing the workshop with Michael because he was very funny and jolly so we were all entertained.” Jack

“I enjoyed walking on the exact floor that Henry VIII walked on and heard the exact same bell that he heard..The astronomical clock was very grand. I was shocked to find out that the Tudors drank chocolate.” Lyla

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