Did you know?

Every year Micklefield School takes a break from the old routine with a theme week to inspire and engage pupils in a given topic.

At the moment our ‘Wonder of Number’ theme week is in full swing with the pupils off timetable to enjoy Maths across a broad range of subjects from Art, Music and Science to History, Geography and IT, and they are having a serious amount of fun in the process!

We are only half way through the week and they have already experienced a ‘History of Maths’ production by the Hobgoblin Theatre Company, taken part in Maths quizzes, created alternative snakes and ladders games, participated in 3D model making and clay making, prepared pizzas, completed a QR code trail and explored the seven wonders of the world via Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, courtesy of Primevr.

This week the children also have the opportunity to enter a ‘Bling your bike’ competition and program sphero robots and Blue-Bots (a Bee-Bot robot with a Bluetooth connection). In Nursery and Reception they are exploring CSI Storyland as a determined team of detectives and problem solving sleuths, looking at clues and using their sorting and numeracy skills to reveal which fairy tale character stole from the shoemaker. Our Years 1 and 2 are using reasoning in their knowledge of fractions, number patterns, calculators, shape, measurement, data positional language and co-ordinates to solve a pirate challenge.

To see some of the activities the children took part in do come and visit us for our Open Day on Saturday 9th March from 10 am – 12 noon when many of the activities and new skills learned will be demonstrated. To register your interest please contact: admissions@micklefieldschool.co.uk

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