It has been unusually quiet in school this week as our children took part in ‘Think Week’ run by the Christian charity, SparkFish. This provided pupils with a ‘Think Space’ for reflection time and prayer in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The children were encouraged to think about freedom and what it means to them, whether it be the freedom to run around, be themselves, to let go of stress and anxieties, be kind and helpful or follow their hopes and dreams.

Pupils took part in a number of memorable activities including pinning up butterflies representing their hopes and dreams, asking God their big questions about freedom and writing down their worries which they then made into doves of peace. The depth of thinking in the children’s responses was impressive with many profound questions asked. To give you a sense of what goes on in the enquiring minds of young people today here are a selection of those BIG questions:

Why do bad things always happen to good people?
Will the world ever get better?
Why does there always have to be a winner and a loser?
Why do we have to die and leave the people we love?
Why can’t everyone get along and be happy?

Thank you SparkFish for your inspiration and creating a sense of wonder at Micklefield School.

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