Micklefield’s Got Imagination!

Here it is our much anticipated whole school poem ‘How do you cross a river?”, put together for UK Poetry Day. Each verse was created by a Micklefield class with the first verses being produced by our lower school poets and the later verses written by our upper school. We hope you enjoy it!


How do you cross a river?

We want to cross a river, we must think, think, think

We want to cross a river, we don’t want to sink!


Make a jump.

Sail across in lots of buckets.

Slide across on a swimming slide.

Get some paddles and a log and paddle over.

Fly on a seagull.

Build a small bridge of wood across.

Build something out of cardboard, like a box.


I would sit on a tiger and he can jump over.

Walk on a unicorn to get across.

A magic carpet with a remote control to fly it over.

An eagle will fly me over there.

Stepping stones so I can carefully do some giant steps.

A really big log to walk along and balance.


To jump into a magic toilet and get flushed across the river.


Swing from the branch of a tall oak tree onto the back of a flying silver unicorn and slide down the side of a glittering rainbow.


Build a sparkly colourful bridge.

Surf on a rocket booster surfboard.

Fly over in a boat with unicorn wings.

Skate over on winged ice skates.


Float across the river on a magical cloud.

Run with an ostrich and majestically leap across the river.

Use Aladdin’s magical carpet to float across the river.

Using a hover board, capture a Pterodactyl, and hover across the river.

Cross the river by dancing with laughter and wrapping yourself round a bouncing kangaroo’s tail.


Harness together werewolves from a snowy forest.

Make a mechanical winding machine to pull you across.

Wait for the river to freeze and put skates on a horse and ride across.

Go back to Roman Times in a time machine, borrow a catapult, check the weather forecast and fire yourself across.

Ask the Ice Queen for her powers to freeze the river, join an ice skating team and skate across.

Put a thousand nerf gun darts in a ziplock bag and float across.


Go to heaven and grab one of the angel’s haloes and attach a rope to it, then swing across.

Make yourself small by asking Dumbledore for a potion and fly on a ladybird’s back.

Reach to the sky and collect a beautiful snowflake to touch the river so it turns to ice and slide across.

Fly across the river with a wonderful dragon which has seats on its back.

Cannonball jump into the river so it splashes all the water out and then walk across the dry river bed.

Climb into the mouth of a large whale and be shot out of its blow hole across to the other side.


Ask the ants to co-operate and build a bridge with their bodies.

Use the waterspout of a whale to stand on and ride across.

Use a set of springs to bounce high into the air.

Ask a giant to step in the river and bounce across using his toes and stepping stones.

Catch a ride on a giant fish.


Ask a spider to spin a web for you to use as a bridge.

Hoover all of the water up with super suction and skip across.

Make a huge pancake and use it as a crossing.

Ask the Loch Ness monster to give you a lift.

Find a giant fan to blow you across.

Find a giant sponge to absorb the river water and then use it as a squishy walkway.


Ask a leprechaun if you can borrow its rainbow to use as a slide.

Ask Superman if you can borrow his underpants and cape to give you superpowers to get across.

Build a ramp and zoom across in a Formula One car.

Fire yourself out of a cannon.

Make a balloon chair and float across.

Put yourself into a giant toaster and pop yourself across.

Borrow a fish’s gills and swim across.

Strip the leaves from a tree and weave a tightrope.

Ask a frog if you can jump on its lilypads.


Use a crocodile as a surfboard and surf across.

Ask Pegasus to fly you across.

Tie bananas together to make a tightrope to walk across.

Ask a beaver to build you a dam so you can walk across.


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