Our Year 6 pupils got to experience what life was like as a child in World War II at an Evacuee Evening. The children dressed up in appropriate clothing of the times and waved goodbye to their parents. Some tears were shed. They then set off to the Evacuee Centre (the gym!) where they were told by the ‘billeting officer’ where they would be sent to live. During the evening they did activities like making a paper Spitfire, playing olden day games, writing letters to their parents and knitting. They also sat down to eat a meagre rationing supper. There were not too many fans of spam! Everything they put on their plate they had to eat -‘Waste not want not’, they were reminded. Finally they went back to the evacuee hall and had a sing along to war songs such as as ‘It’s a Long Road to Tipperary’, ‘Run Rabbit Run’, ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ and ‘We’ll Meet Again’. Everybody enjoyed this momentous occasion. It was an evening to remember which consolidated and brought their learning to life beautifully.

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