Our budding archaeologists in Year 3 were inspired during a recent Pre-History Workshop, run by experts from Godalming Museum. During the day, the children made a timeline, became archaeologists on a dig, created their own cave art and had the opportunity to handle original artefacts. The day was a huge success and the children thoroughly enjoyed every activity. With the highlights being ‘the dig’ and the cave art.

The archaeological dig required the children to carefully scrape away at soil to discover items and record these in detail by drawing, measuring and noting the position of each ‘find’. Having worked through a peaty layer they then worked through a sandy layer.

The cave art involved investigating Lascaux and then using charcoal and paint (made by crushing chalk with a stone and mixing this powder with water poured from a shell) and applying this with their fingers to create their own art.

The work shop tied in with the Year 3 topic this term of Pre-History (the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age) before they learn about the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings later on in the year.

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