Children playing musical instruments

Animal Sound Music Workshops

Our whole school took part in some music workshops as part of theme week, with a highly skilled professional musician. The children created some impressive animal sound music compositions, based on a variety of animals, from the box jellyfish and the turtle to the whale and the giant octopus.

Not Such an Ugly Duckling

Our younger children in Lower School enjoyed watching Aesops Touring Theatre Company’s performance of ‘Not Such an Ugly Duckling’ today, whilst learning from its deeper anti-bullying message. It was a fun and interactive show.

Super Memories!

As part of theme week, the Year 5 children had been given a booklet of animal facts to memorise. Here they are studying for the memory quiz. On Tuesday we had the first round of the competition with the children working in pairs to complete as many questions as they could. Some of their memories…


Animal Antics Dress Up Day A Roaring Success

Wow so many amazing show-stopping costumes for our ‘Animal Antics’ dress up day. Thank you everyone for making it such a ROARING success!

You have all made our competition judge’s decision really difficult!! Winners will be announced in Assembly on Monday morning.

Science Starts Young at Micklefield

Our Nursery children enjoyed a Science lesson today on nocturnal animals as part of Micklefield’s ‘Animal Antics’ theme week. They learned about how the hawk’s ability to see ultraviolet light enables them to spot the trails of mice and other prey in the dark. They were surprised to discover that the urine of a mouse…


Rainforest Ecosystems Explained

As part of Animal Antics Theme Week, Year 4 have made some excellent 3D scale model rainforest dioramas and imaginary rainforest animals out of clay. The activities really helped them to understand the complex rainforest ecosystem.

Creating Caterpillar Circuits

This week the whole school is taking part in a week of ‘Animal antics’ activities which will no doubt be one of the highlights of the year! To kick start the week, in Science today the children had the opportunity to make caterpillar shaped circuits out of sugar and salt dough. They then tested each…