Harvest Festival Donations

Thank you parents for all of your Harvest Festival donations to Loveworks food banks. They were gratefully received and will go to provide emergency help to local people in need.

We really appreciate your generosity and hope you enjoy the Lower and Upper School Harvest celebrations today.

Science is Fun!

Did you know that you can blow up a balloon with a mixture of yeast and sugar?

Our Year 6s had great fun with a yeast experiment in Science this week. They learned about how yeast releases carbon dioxide as it eats the sugar. They also tested the ideal conditions for speeding up the experiment.

Quiz Champions!

Thanks to all our parents for their support at the latest Friends of Micklefield (FOM) quiz and curry night. As a result of recent FOM funds we were able to invite the author Maz Evans in to the school and purchase a 3D printer for the Art Studio. Your continued support is much appreciated. Big…


Green Screen Fun!

Our mini Superheroes had great fun with the green screen in Preps today. We hope they have many more adventures this weekend!