Freshwater Theatre Workshop for Year 1

This week Year 2 took part in a workshop led by Freshwater theatre about the stories of Hans Christian Anderson. The children experienced three stories; The Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea and Thumbelina which they brought to life through actions, props and participation.

Testing Tarsias

In Year 2 we have been re-visiting our French numbers 1-20. Not only can we say them aloud, but we are starting to recognise the spellings which can sometimes be quite tricky. Here is Sterling winning the tarsia competition, correctly matching all of the digits to the French words. Bravo Sterling! Bay also used her…


Preps Help Save Australian Animals

Well done to our nursery sale for putting on a brilliant toy sale this afternoon! All proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), to help the animals suffering as a result of the Australian fires.

Learning Lacrosse in Year 5

This week it was our Year 5 girls turn to have a taster session in Lacrosse. A big thank you to Mr McColl from Dunottar School for a fabulous introduction to the game. We were lucky to have the sun shining on us too! The girls learnt a lot and really enjoyed their session.